Girl Develop It Buffalo

PHP for Beginners Class 4 Exercises


Exercise 1

  • Create a file called template.php and copy and paste the code from the slide "Putting it all together - a Template We Can Use!" into template.php.
  • Open template.php in a browser.
  • Notice all of the errors that you get!
  • Start fixing the errors one-by-one. You will need to use the exercise files as a reference. Hint: you will have to create files. As you create files, reload template.php frequently to watch your errors disappear.
  • If you have time, start fixing the broken links in your site.

Exercise 2

  • Change the name of your website to "FILL YOUR NAME IN HERE's Awesome Website"
  • Change the "About Us" link to "About Me"
  • Continue customizing your website in other different ways.